Successful Halaal Conference held by NIHT

The NIHT held a very successful Halaal conference at the Silver Crescent Gardens on Thursday 20/11/2014.  The theme was ‘Halaal in the modern world and its Impact’.  The conference was held as part of the 25 year Silver Jubilee Celebrations of the Darul Uloom Pretoria.  Close onto 180 local and international delegates attended, including the graduates of the Darul Uloom Pretoria.  Present, were many Ulama, Professors, Food Technologists, Academic Experts and Business Leaders.  They were presented with a number of papers by experts in the various fields of Halaal and food and meat sciences.  A stimulating question and answer session followed each paper delivered. 

Many of the delegates found the papers delivered, interesting, informative and stimulating.  One of the delegates present, Professor Yusuf Aboobaker from the U.K. Muslim Food Board praised the NIHT for their professional manner in which the conference was conducted.  Amongst the many academic presented papers, was Professor Eddie Webb from the University of Pretoria, who delivered an interesting and technically precise paper on animal slaughter.  Moulana Uthman Sulehri, a graduate from the University of Punjab (Pakistan), delivered a wonderful insight into Istihala (change) from a Fiqh, technical and practical view.  Sheikh Ahmed Tijani from the U.S.A. spoke about the importance of Halaal.  In a style that only the Sheikh could deliver in his own inimitable way, Sheikh Tijani stressed, “Only, once the food, clothes, the earning, the surroundings and behaviour is Halaal then only will the Muslims experience victory”.  He further stated, “Halaal has to be embraced holistically and not selectively”.  He urged the NIHT to open offices or avenues of Halaal in West Africa, eg: Ghana, Nigeria, Mali, etc. by the same professional standards as in South Africa. 

Sheikhul Hadith, Peer-o-Tariqat, Allama Haseenudin Shah Saheb was the guest of honour.  The NIHT awarded tokens of recognition and appreciation to Shah Saheb and the principal of Darul Uloom Pretoria, Mufti Mohammed Akbar Hazarvi.  Spokesperson for the NIHT, Hafez Moorad Booley said, “We have achieved what we hoped to and hope to have many of these types of interactions in the future, thank you one and all for making this event a success”.

Session One:  Moderator:  Moulana Ahmed Mukaddam.

  • The Importance of Halaal – Sheikh Ahmed bin Omar Tijani (USA)
  • Introduction to NIHT and the future – Hafez Moorad Booley (RSA)

Session Two:  Moderator:  Hafez Moorad Booley.

  • Principles of Istihala – Moulana Uthman Sulehri (Pakistan)
  • Animal Slaughter – Professor Eddie Webb (University of Pretoria)
  • Complexity of Additives and Flavours – Moulana A.W. Wookay (NIHT)




In what is a first for Tshwane, the NIHT in conjunction with the Darul Uloom Pretoria will be hosting a Halaal conference at the Silver Crescent Gardens Conference Centre on Thursday the 20-11-2014.

The theme of the conference is HALAAL IN THE MODERN WORLD AND ITS IMPACT”. The conference is part of the Darul Uloom’s Silver Jubilee Celebrations and will be attended by a number of international Ulema, Professors, Doctors and Food Scientists from overseas and locally. Delegates attending will be from numerous countries including the UK, USA, Europe, Pakistan, West Indies, India, Botswana and Egypt.

This conference will be co-ordinated by the NIHT and a number of academics will be delivering papers, for deliberation by the delegates. Spokesperson for the NIHT Hafez Moorad Booley stated, “The idea is to stimulate discussions on pertinent issues faced by Muslims in the modern world, even if we don’t agree on all aspects at least this will start the discussions.”  Issues that need discussing amongst many others are the issues of metamorphosis (Istihalah), stunning, additives and the use of GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms).

Since the levels of discussions are to be at an extremely elevated levels with the number of academia attending. Regretfully, it was decide that participation would be by invitation only.

Amongst the many that would be attending are, Sheikul Hadith Abul Khair Sayed Haseenud Deen Sha Saheb, Professor Dr. Shahtaz from Pakistan, Sheikh Tigani from USA, Mufti Liaqat Ali from the UK, Professor Ismail Jaffer from UNISA, Qari Javed Akhtar from the UK, Mufti Misbahul Malek Luqmanvi from the UK and Qari Hafizul Rahmaan from India and Professor Edward Webb from the University of Pretoria.

The tentative programme is as follows and is subject to change.

  • Halaal and Haraam Concepts in Islam -  Sheikh Tijani
  • Introduction to NIHT and The Way Forward  -  Hafez Moorad Booley
  • Additives and Flavourants   -  Moulana A.W Wookay
  • Istihalah (change) - Moulana Uthmaan
  • Halaal Finance for Halaal Foods ? - Dr. Shahtaz
  • Questions and Answer Sessions
  • Resolutions